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2017 Immaculata Mission School

Over 110 young people from all over Australia (and NZ!) chose to start their new year on the narrow road, at the Immaculata Mission School held in Launceston, Tasmania from 1-10th January 2017.  They were immersed in daily prayer and celebration of the Sacraments, incredible talks, times of new and old friendships and even a day of mission and evangelisation!

Read more below to hear from the Mission Schoolers about their experiences!

"Immaculata Mission School was one of the best things that's ever happened to me. The speakers were real and they touched me on a personal level. I absolutely loved Adoration every day, and I've made some new forever friends. Best of all I fell in love with Jesus again! Those 10 days are just the push I needed to strive for sainthood everyday." Nick, VIC


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IMS 2017

"I'd have to say that my highlight was definitely being able to have such a beautiful encounter with Our Lord and deepen my love and relationship with Our Lady. Mission School not only gave me access to some amazing formation that has impacted my faith both practically and intellectually but helped get me back into a regular prayer routine. I also met some incredible people and forged what I believe to be life long friendships. I am very grateful to the Immaculata Sisters and the Long Term Mission Schoolers for putting together such a fruitful and affordable retreat in a beautiful location." - Madeleine, NSW


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Praise & worship at Mission School

"I've been struggling in my prayer - I don't have help and support where I live.  I came here and now instead of thinking of prayer as a chore I've learnt to think of it as falling in love with God." - Chris, SA

"My favourite part of IMS? Adoration. I love just being able to spend time sitting in peace in the presence of God and knowing that I am loved. That Jesus loves me and wants me to spend time with Him.  Adoration and also the beautiful friendships I've made. What draws you more to Christ than other like minded people each searching to know Christ more and to share His love with others?  I have never met so many people who all just wanted and made me to feel welcomed and loved. The Immaculatas know God and make others want to get closer to Him too!  IMS was such a beautiful experience, and though challenging, it has brought me many graces and blessings but most of all peace. Peace and contentment to wait for what God has in store for me." Therese, NSW


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Daily Adoration

"I received life, healing, renewal.  There's a certain peacefulness that you get when you spend time in the presence of the Lord in Adoration." - Sarah, QLD

"My favourite part of the mission school was Adoration, I loved been able to connect with Jesus and sit at the feet of the Blessed Sacrament." - Abi, TAS


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Evangelisation and community outreach at Verso l'Alto Fiesta

"My Mission School 2017 highlight was the Verso L’Alto Fiesta that we hosted as a celebration of the joy of our faith. The Mission Schoolers ran the various free fun activities of the fiesta, and took to the streets earlier in the day to invite the wider community to attend through both street evangelisation and door knocking.  It was incredibly inspiring to see such a strong local response to our invitations, with many people – including families, youth and older people – coming to participate in the activities, and to stay for the concert and talk. It reminded me that as Christians we should not be afraid to invite others to experience the joy of our faith, as people are hungry for the Gospel and for the genuine joy that it brings." – Simone, NSW


Mark Nimo

One of our wonderful speakers - Mark Nimo from Chicago, USA

"I loved the talks - they knew how to reach into your heart and I felt everyone could relate." - Dominique, TAS

"If you want to truly understand the foundations of your faith, who you are and where you belong, or if you just want to be with Christ and find love and healing through Him, then IMS is a gateway for that." - Aldrae, NSW


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An opportunity for old and new friendships

"I am so refreshed and am experiencing a happiness I have not had for a long time.  It's been such a joyous and amazing time forming so many friendships.  Surely IMS must be a little foretaste of heaven!" - Claudia, NSW

"During the 10 days we spent understanding and loving our faith the highlight for me was definitely the friendships that were formed. To me being sociable is something that I have struggled with but the love and kindness people had for each other was amazing and I have made some wonderful friends. Immaculata Mission School has given me hope." - Sophie, TAS

"When I first came on IMS in 2015 I had only just received first communion and had not yet been confirmed. It was my first ever experience of praying with people my own age - who knew there were so many young people with the fire of the Lord in them!? I can honestly say it was the greatest time of my life so far; never have I felt more loved, and never was the way to happiness clearer.  So naturally I was a little worried that this year might be a let down. How wrong I was. Praying with the Sisters in silent Adoration was the most peaceful and graceful experiences, I never wanted to leave Our Lord on those long evening of prayer. And I really loved the day of outreach, overcoming my own self, to connect with complete strangers for the love of God.  The other mission schoolers, particularly those on long-term mission, just radiate a simple joy and openness which makes you feel right at home. The three key speakers were among the best talks I have ever heard and the Archbishop's presence over a number of days was such a blessing. From the bottom of my heart, I'm so grateful to God and everyone whose yes to God has made the Mission School possible. I can sincerely say the days spent on Mission School have been the single greatest grace I have had in my conversion." - Tim, VIC